An Overview to the Nuance Dragon Software Process

Whichever version you choose for Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software, make sure that it is the best version for you. Your Hardware configuration should be so appropriate that you won’t face any problem during the usage of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

All you will do is to sit in front of your computer and get started with the amazing features of Nuance Dragon Software.

After, all its quite exciting to anticipate using a tool that can make you more productive and accurate at workplace or home every day!

But before you can start rolling through its wonderful features and outstanding usability to save your time & efforts, you need to first install this program on your computer. Well, the installation process is quite easy!

For which, you’d need to purchase its paid version first and download the Software setup file to your PC. You can also get the setup file in DVD Format.

If you purchase DVD, you can start the installation by inserting the DVD into your PC’s DVD Drive and simply follow the instructions prompted on the screen.

If you choose to install through the downloaded setup file, you can click on the file and start your software installation process and activate it through entering the relevant Activation Keycode provided to you after you have purchased the Software.

Once Dragon NaturallySpeaking is installed to the PC, you can create a user profile which is a very quick and simple procedure.

While you will try to set up your user profile in Nuance Dragon, you will be asked several questions about whether you have a specific or unique accent or what age range you fall in. These all questions would be related to you only and you can easily answer to them.

Once your user profile has setup to the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software, you can start training the Dragon according to your work requirements.

However, the training process is very straightforward and easy to understand. To have a clean and smooth training, you must read some text aloud and a few choices of well-known words, material and you are done.

You can also add new words to Dragon Vocabulary and learn how to use specific voice commands to utilize the Dragon Dictation to its very best.

Once the training is finished, you can start working with the Nuance Dragon Software and boost your accuracy and productivity.

If you need any help for Nuance Dragon further, please call us on toll-free