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How to Get Started with Dragon 15? A Complete Step by Step Guide

Dragon 15 is the newest and latest version of Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software series and editions. If you have recently purchased this software and want to know how to install it or use it effectively, this guide is the perfect destination for you.

Right from the installation to a successful voice dictation, we have provided the step by step procedure to use Dragon 15 in this ultimate Quick Start guide.

Let’s have a look below!

How to Install Dragon 15?

Follow the below mentioned procedure for a hassle-free installation of Dragon 15 version.

Step 1 – Close all the open programs and files in your PC and stop any running installation process.

Step 2 – Get started with putting the Dragon Installation DVD in your system or open the Software downloaded file.

Step 3 – Enter the unique serial number associated with your Dragon account. The installation process would begin thereafter.

Step 4 – Once the installation is completed, start Dragon Software by double clicking on its icon on the Desktop.

How to Get Started with Dragon 15?

The first step to use Dragon 15 is to choose or connect your microphone. Dragon will show all the available microphones, and which one is active currently.

Now, create a user profile which store all the information that Dragon uses such as to transcribe what you say and how you sound.

If you turn on the Dragon microphone by tapping on its icon, it means the Dragon is listening everything what you say. If it is turned off, the Dragon won’t be able to hear anything you say.

Make Your First Dictation

To make first dictation using Dragon, you need to open the Microsoft Word, Notepad or Dragon Pad and put the cursor on the document.

Now turn on the microphone and say sentences to dictate them. For a successful and fruitful dictation, you must know about the basic commands like “new paragraph”, “new line” and punctuation such as question mark, full stop, colon, etc. that Dragon understands.

You can also personalize the vocabulary and add specific words to it to reduce the frequency of errors occurred while using Dragon Dictation feature.

Whenever you feel that Dragon has recognized something what you dictated, you can say “Correct that” to make Dragon correct the error and dictate effectively.

If you face any more problems while using Dragon 15, you can reach us at Dragon Support Services by using the toll-free number +1-310-513-5006 .

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