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The Nuance Dragon Medical is
speech recognition and voice dictation software used by the clinicians and medical practitioners. By using this software, you can create documents, presentations, reports, customized templates and integrate with your chosen EMR by connecting them with the Nuance PowerMic III Handheld Microphone.

While the software accept single user license and can’t be used without having an authentic license, there are a few differences between their features and usage that’s what make them special for different reasons.

Know About Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 and 2

The Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is basically a local PC-based software that uses local resources for transcription which means, you don’t require to have a proper internet connection to transcribe using the Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.

However, to ensure the better performance and accuracy out of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, you must have a powerful PC configuration.

This software can be installed and used on more than 1 PC. This software saves your user profile on the computer’s hard disc, so even if you use it on multiple PCs, you won’t witness any changes in every PC where your profile is opened. Although, if a medical practitioner or clinician is using this software on multiple devices, they might end up creating multiple user profiles due to voice variation.

However, the newer versions of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 have been launched already and are performing outstandingly.

Know About Dragon Medical One

The Dragon Medical One is completely a cloud-based program in which the user profile is stored on the server, so if users make any changes in their profiles, the changes would reflect on each device wherever the profile is being used. This makes the software more accurate and high performing as the voice profile would remain the same at every device.

As the software is cloud-based, this clearly requires an internet connection.

By using the Dragon Medical One, clinicians can perform direct dictation into most EMRs.

This version is subscription-based, so whenever Nuance releases any update or newer version for the same, it will be notified to the users automatically.

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