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Failing To Control Text With Full Text Control

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The most common reason Full Text Control doesn’t work is that the Nunace dragon naturallyspeaking application you are dictating into is not a Full Text Control application. To easily check wheather if it isfull text control or not kindly , look at the Nuance Dragon Bar on the right where you find the circle. If the circle is blinking green, you are in a Full Text Control application of nuance dragon NaturallySpeaking Software. If the circle is light gray, you are not Full Text Control application of nuance dragon .

Sometimes , user finds that their sentences have some extra words For example in/to/and.User are very sure that they did’nt dictated that words and they can see some extra words ,and  Dragon Professional Individual assistant just seems to have an overactive today.

These extra Unwanted words comes in two ways. The best reason for this issue is that your microphone is positioned badly. If the mic sits in front of your mouth rather than to the outward side, your words are being by little bursts of air. Those puffs hit the microphone and make a short, sharp noise that Nuance Dragon Software interprets as a short word. It is also possible that the breath coming out of your nostrils is blowing around the microphone. In both cases, just move the mic little far to the side of your mouth.

The second reason of these extra words is that user are trying too hard to pronunciate words. The only solution here is to just wait and have a glass of water; go back to speaking the way you naturally speak.