Dictating but getting incorrect results Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dictating but getting incorrect results

Dictating but getting incorrect result :- If Nuance Dragon software it not typing right when you dictate, you’re getting recognition errors or accuracy problems. don’t worry we will help you to diagnose your issue.

Make sure that user actually speaks every word clean and speak entire phrases. Don’t pause words, and don’t skip them, clip them at the end.

Please Make sure user microphone is positioned to the right place of your mouth.
Run the microphone check again: Choose Audio→Check Microphone.

Click on Tools→Options, and in the Options dialog box, click the Miscellaneous tab. Drag the
Speed vs. Accuracy slider more to the right. Click the OK button.

If you have a problem with Dragon software repeatedly than gets certain words wrong, make sure you use the Correction dialog box so that Dragon Professional Individual learns about its errors. (Say, “Correct That“ after Dragon Professional Individual errors.) If you just select the erroneous text and dictate over it, Dragon Professional Individual will never learn.


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