Nuance Dragon Dictating Problems

Dictating but nothing appears on the screen

Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Support

Quite a few Dragon Professional Individual users are facing issues wherein they are dictating; however the software fails to capture the same and nothing appears on the screen. In this case system may prompt “Please say that again?” as the system is not recognizing the input response.

Following are some of the steps to be taken under consideration.

  1. Microphone Connection: The microphone jack ordinarily known as 3.5 mm jack, should be connected to the computer appropriately and in the correct jack. If the connections are made appropriately; however the system is still not able to capture your transcription, then try to record a sound in your windows sound recorder. If you succeed then there is no issue with the microphone./// dictating problem
  1. Sound Card: A poor quality sound card may result in poor recognition; however in this case we are capturing absolutely nothing with the use of Dragon Professional Individual. This could be because of damaged and or broken sound card, which is leading to zero word recognition. ///dictating problem
  1. Windows: In few scenarios Windows automatically changes the setting of devices i.e. Microphone to be detected as printer or something which is useful in the same way. In this case you should be running a microphone check which will fix your problem of may provide you with specific issue which can be then taken over to Dragon Technical Support team.

Also, speaker icon is placed on the extreme right hand side of the taskbar, kindly check the Microphone balance. If it is set to mute, then unmute it and this will fix your problem.

  1. The Application: Make sure that the correct window is active in which want to dictate and see text, chances are that you are not sure of the active window and your text is getting pilled in some other window. You should always click on the window you want to see the text into, this make sure that the correct window is selected. // dictating problem

Alternatively use the keyboard to type something and if it is typing where you want it to, then there is no issue with Dragon Professional Individual.

  1. The Dragon Bar: The circle indicator in the Dragon Bar should be green, if it is not green then it means that there is no support for the application you are in. // dictating problem

It is always suggested that you use a standardized Microsoft applications. If not then it is recommended to use the dictation box. If you face issues while using applications like Microsoft Word and or Outlook, then you should shut down all applications along with Dragon Professional Individual and then restart for smooth functioning of applications. Also, you should be checking if WinWord.exe or Outlook.exe is running in the Task Manager’s Processes tab. If so, then close using task manager /// dictating problem


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