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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4

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Are you a clinician and do the medical practice regularly? The Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 can help you greatly in capturing the patient’s stories more efficiently. It listens to everything and help you through complete documentation to improve productivity.

The Dragon Medical Practice Edition comes up with enormous benefits and advantages to improve your speed and helps you keep track of every patient and their diseases.

Benefits of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4

Perfect Documentation

As the Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is designed specifically for physicians. Using it, you can achieve 99% accuracy in documentation. Right the way patients and clinicians speak, this software records everything and create the appropriate documentation for the same. It uses voice to navigate, dictate, and edit content inside EHR fields.

Boosts Efficiency & Productivity

Saving up almost 30 mins a day, this software allows you to create text, 5x faster than the manual typing. Hence, you can see more patients and boost your profitability. The data recorded in EHR can be instantly accessible by the other respective teams of clinic.

Saves Extra Transcription Costs

It prevents clinicians in creating or self-editing their documentation. The software can automatically transcript and edit the documents.

Features of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4

Most Accurate Clinical Speech Recognition

It provides an uninterrupted and high-quality speech recognition feature even without needing a proper Internet connection.

The clinicians can easily dictate, navigate and edit the documents and make the treatment plans directly into the HER. Without typing or clicking, and just through their voice, they can operate things smoothly.

Electronic Health Record Compatibility

The dragon medical practice edition 4 is perfectly compatible with EHR (Electronic Health Record). It allows users to enter automated texts, navigate, dictate, edit and transfer the text through their voice commands.

Rapid Growth & Improvement

The software uses advanced deep learning technology through which it becomes smarter enough to improve its performance through easily learning and adapting to any voice and environmental changes.

Its voice recognition analytics are so powerful that they can instantly detect the poor audio inputs and alert the user for the same.

High Accuracy in Voice Dictation

The software is known for its ability of clinical speech recognition and voice dictation. Through its advance adaption techniques, it ensures the higher accuracy in accent and speech recognition.

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