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Being used by millions of users across the world, the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software is considered as on one of the top speech recognition software.

It is easy to use and can boost your work productivity 5 times more with 99% accuracy. The more you use this software, the more it becomes smarter and deliver accurate and quality result.

This super-fast and efficient speech recognition software lets you create and edit documents, emails, letters, essays, excel spreadsheets or presentations in 3 times faster speed than you can manually do. Even the new versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software have come up with more outstanding features making it an advanced software to be used for Home or Professional both purposes.

Let’s find out what are those features which you can only get with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software.

Top Features of Dragon NaturallySpeaking

  1. Time-Saving Voice Commands

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software comes with the list of voice shortcuts that help you get your tasks done within much lesser time than ever.

These commands are quite simple that they make using your computer with a faster speed. By using these, you can schedule a meeting, send emails, create documents, search Google, explore websites, and many more.

  1. Extremely Easy to Use Voice Dictation

With Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 and 15, you won’t need any script to get started with its features or functionality. You can easily dictate letters, emails and perform web surfing and web testing by your voice.

In fact, if you ever face difficulties in using this software, there would be many tutorials or sheets to guide you. You can also call on our toll-free number 1844-600-1928 to get instant assistance by human experts.

  1. Runs Smoothly on Any Windows App

The Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software is compatible to any Windows App like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Excel, PowerPoint, Social Media Profiles, and Corel, etc. You can create, edit and control all programs in these apps using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software.

  1. Mobile Compatible

You can still use Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software while being away from your computer. By using Dragon Remote Microphone App, you can turn your compatible iPhone, iPod touch (4th gen), iPad or Android device into a wireless microphone to use Dragon over a WiFi network.

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