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Are words leaving your mouth but not converting to text using speech recognition? Or is dictation giving you incorrect results?

Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software is made by our team of highly qualified software developers and researchers. However, just as human’s software can make mistake too! Due to technical glitch, user can encounter problems while using dragon professional.

While some users have reported that there is a delay in response time from Dragon, like they have dictated a whole sentence but it appears on the screen after 5-10 seconds.

Others have raised concern that the Dragon Naturally Speaking software has started speaking command that get type as a text. For instance, if you want to add comma to any sentence or word, you will speak the sentence and say, “comma”, but here, the Dragon types ‘comma’ than adding it to the whole sentence.

We understand that such lags can lead to a disappointing experience to users, and especially when you’re working on something important.

But, don’t worry our team of experts have analyzed the problem and they have to say that such sort of problems can happen due to many reasons.

Below are the step you should follow, to fix all these above issues which customer face while using nuance dragon:

#1.Check Microphone- Pay attention to the microphone jack! Is it connected to right microphone jack in the computer?  Try using the microphone for other applications, like Windows Sound Recorder etc. If it is working in a different window or you can record a sound through it, then it isn’t the cause.

#2.The Sound Card- A defective sound card can be a reason too!

#3.Windows-Double-click the speaker icon on the taskbar and look at the Microphone Balance. Is the Mute check box selected? Deselect it, if so.

#4. Microphone Icon- Check the microphone icon on the Windows taskbar or on the Dragon Professional Individual toolbar. If it’s blue, it’s asleep.

#5. Application- Click in the window you want to dictate into to make sure that it’s active. If you use the keyboard to type something, does it appear where you expect it? If not, the problem has nothing to do with Dragon Professional Individual.

#6. Dragon Bar- Look at the DragonBar and see whether the circle indicator is green in color. If it isn’t green, that means you’ve lost support for the application you’re in or you never had it.

For further assistance, you can also reach us through toll-free Nuance Dragon Technical Support Number +1-310-513-5006 or mail us at support@dragonsupportservice.us