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There are some people who complain that they dont know how to fix speech accuracy , as their nuance dragon is not properly recognizing speech. Well, there can be various reasons behind it and you need to find the source of the problem so that you can make sure that no problems arrive in the future. You should always check that you are using the latest version of the software so that you do not face any bug related problems. These are some of the things which can help you to fix speech accuracy recognition.

Dictate long sentences

In order to make sure that your speech recognition works perfectly, you should always dictate long sentences to get perfect results. There are various features provided by speech recognition software which helps in providing you speech accuracy in your work.

Use proper microphones for dictating

Most of the times the problems might be with your device and you may look in your software. That is why you should double check if your microphone is working perfectly. You can try using it in various software and make sure there are no problems. You can also check the connection of the wire.

Improve the efficiency of software by providing information

You can also teach the speech recognition software about your pronunciation of words. This makes sure that it can work perfectly with your speech accuracy . That is why you should try dictating various types of words to your speech dictation software so that you can have a convenient experience using it.

Get the help of automatic text correction

There are features like autocorrect available which you can enable in the setting so that if there are any errors in the speech recognition then you can use it to correct the mistakes. So make sure that you use this feature so that you do not face any type of problems.

Add new words to the dictionary of the software

If you want to add any new words to the vocabulary of the software then you can add it to the dictionary. This way you do not face any problems while using these words in the future. There are words like peoples name or new words which might be difficult to recognize.

So by applying all the things mentioned above you can fix speech accuracy of recognition and start doing your work again efficiently and properly. If there are any other types of problem then you can reach out to customer care and get your problems fixed.

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