How Dax Is Improving Doctor-Patient Relationship?

The pandemic has changed how we perceive healthcare and how it works. Nuance has a solution to the alarming demands of the healthcare industry, and we have assessed an enormous gap between doctor and patient conversation. Hence, Nuance has created a technology, ‘Dragon Ambient Experience,’ to assist its healthcare customers in improving productivity and delivering the best possible patient care.

What is DAX?

It is an AI-based healthcare system that automatically converts doctor-patient discussions into correct medical notes that benefit both parties, using Microsoft Azure and PyTorch. Because doctors can focus on the patient rather than typing notes into a computer, patients get a more interesting, personal encounter. Doctors who use DAX also report considerable time savings and reduced stress, which helps them avoid burnout.

DAX is introduced to ease the work of doctors and create a better understanding between patient and their healthcare providers. Usually, a patient describes symptoms and answers questions verbally in a clinical environment. Later, the clinician then summarises and records the history and findings from the physical exam into the EHR, synthesizes lab and imaging data discussed with the patient, and expresses medical decision-making in an evaluation and treatment plan.

How do DAX works?

Nuance sought to build its Dragon Ambient Experience (DAX) solution to gather data at the start of a discussion and then utilize AI to provide suitable documentation automatically based on the data captured. Collecting information from a doctor-patient dialogue is difficult.

Step 1: First, given the limits of a clinical procedure, you must record the speech as high-quality audio.

Step 2-The audio from various speakers must be transcribed properly.

Step 3- The transcript must be compiled and presented into a professional clinical report.

Step 4- Finally, the clinical report and any other structured data must be transferred to an EHR system so that the doctor may evaluate the AI-generated document.

DAX Advantages

  • Although DAX is a new medication, doctors have had ample time to notice positive benefits. For starters, it saves them time. Doctors who utilise DAX save numerous hours each week, which they may use to visit more patients, spend more time per patient, or just rest.
  • Furthermore, lowering doctors’ daily administrative load allows them to engage in more concentrated, higher-quality contacts with their patients.
  • Doctors may have more in-depth conversations with patients since they don’t have to look at their computers or worry about significant paperwork afterward.

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