How Dragon Speech Recognition Works on Windows vs Apple Voice Control?

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Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking has been the gold standard when it comes to the speech recognition software in the professional or home edition.

While the software like Windows Speech Recognition, Google Voice Type, and Apple keyboard dictation, all offer the dictation capabilities; none is as powerful as Nuance Dragon.

Here in this blog, we will compare the Apple Voice Control with Dragon for Windows to help you develop better understanding of the speech recognition software and why Dragon is better in all aspects.

Apple Voice Control

The Dragon Windows Speech Recognition and Apple Voice Control both can seamlessly run on the computer itself. There won’t be any requirement for the internet connection and the entire processing of the dictation and commands takes place locally.

However, unlike, Windows Speech Recognition, Apple Voice Control doesn’t need a Windows computer! It’s completely designed for MAC and iPad. And the most important benefit of the same is that it’s completely free.

If you consider Apple Voice Control as the Dragon for MAC, you’re mistaken! The Dragon for MAC has been discontinued over years ago. But then Nuance has come up with this powerful voice control software that bridges the gaps for MAC or iPad users.

Dragon on Windows vs Apple Voice Control on Mac

Let’s start comparing dictation with Dragon Professional Individual on a Windows computer with Apple Voice Control on a Mac.


To expect outstanding dictation, your device should be very well compatible to the speech recognition software. While both MAC and Windows have intel i5 processors, they differ in RAM. Windows has 8 GB RAM whereas MAC has 4GB RAM. And that’s where MAC lagged a little behind the performance when compared to the Windows PC.

But the catch here is that it doesn’t slow down even despite the lower RAM.


Dragon for Windows is more accurate and contains less error in comparison with Apple Voice control.

Unexpected Software Behavior

When we used Apple Voice Control for dictation, we witnessed that the software deleted an entire paragraph on saying “scratch that” command.

On the other hand, Dragon correctly executes the command. It correctly writes down the words and removes wherever needed.

Dragon Wins the Race with the Bang!

There is a clear winner in this comparison and that is Dragon for Windows. It performs better than Apple Voice Control and makes less than half errors than the other one.

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