How DragonBar Helps Users and How to Take Help from It?

The Dragon Software Developer Kit (SDK) Client Edition is designed for developers and integrators to make the advance speech recognition features available to their in-house commercial or workflow apps. Further, the Dragon server can be used to enable the voice recognition feature on any Windows application.

As an added advantage of using Dragon SDK Client Edition (DSC), you get the variety of tools, libraries and ActiveX components to experience a cutting-edge speech recognition technology that enables the voice feature on any Windows-based application.

However, due to some technical errors your wonderful experience with Dragon SDK Client edition can be hampered a bit. To prevent you from such major issues and problems, our Dragon Technical Support helps you out with every possible thing they can do to resolve your problems.

When You Should Contact Dragon Technical Support Phone Number (+1-310-513-5006)?

Based on the customer’s queries and feedback, we have shortlisted some major problems that occur with client edition of Dragon SDK. If you also face any of these problems with this kit, you can contact our Dragon Technical Support team via toll-free number +1-310-513-5006.

How to Add Speech Recognition to Existing Applications?

Using your Dragon Software Development Kit, you can quickly and easily create speech-aware applications and add speech recognition to existing applications. Contact Us to Get Proper Guidance for the same.

Does Dragon SDK Client Edition Allow Voice Command and Control?

Yes, it does. You may enter, edit or make changes in the text by using your voice and command. Transcription feature is the cherry on the cake. And, any application with Windows can be controlled through your voice.

How Do I Make Dragon Perform Fast and Accurate Speech Recognition?

By using the latest Dragon Technologies or an appropriate Dragon Technical Support Number, you can enhance your application to add accurate and fast speech recognition and perform powerful dictation or transcription.

Can I Customize the Uses of Dragon SDK Client Edition?

Yes, you can create your own custom commands or custom vocabulary customized to your application. If you face any difficulties in doing so, you can always reach us and ask for the help.

Our Dragon Technical Support +1-310-513-5006 are available in your service 24*7. Call us anytime and let us help you within the short duration of just a few minutes.