How Many Different Voice Modes Does Dragon NaturallySpeaking Offer?

If you have a Windows PC, you can use Dragon NaturallySpeaking with any programme. You can produce documents, reports, presentations, edit, control programmes, and much more using this software, which includes everything from Excel to Microsoft Word to PowerPoint.

The Dictation Mode and Edit Mode, often referred to as Quick Edition and Full Edition, are available if you want to utilize Dragon NaturallySpeaking with Microsoft Excel to generate any report.

The Quick and Full Edition modes cannot be manually selected like the Recognition modes. You can, however, use them based on the spreadsheet activities you plan to take.

When used to dictate or modify cells in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, these modes may greatly simplify your life. However, if you don’t know how to use them, you may be disappointed with the results that Dragon NaturallySpeaking provides when you try to use these speech modes.

So, before you begin working with Excel, make sure you are familiar with the various speech modes.
We’ve included a brief breakdown of the topic here on the blog to help you get a better understanding about the two modes.
#1. Quick Edition Mode

When you begin dictating into an excel spreadsheet cell, you will see a yellow backdrop reflecting whatever you say in the spreadsheet cell. If you start dictating and say, “Select C5”, the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software will only record what you say in that cell.
Various commands may be used in any text-editing programme to format the dictated text if you desire to format it.

#2. Full Edition Mode

The command “Edit Cell” or “Press F2” allows you to make extensive edits to a cell when you’re using Excel’s speech mode.
When you execute this command, the background of that specific cell turns blue, indicating that you may now modify it as you wish.

Always inspect the backdrop of the cell when you see something strange. With yellow, you’re dictating, and with blue, you’re giving a command.

In other words, be sure that your language is appropriate.

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