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How Nuance Dragon is Useful For Cops?

In their personal life, many cops use technology, such as smart speakers, to turn on lights, play music, or check their grocery lists. With the introduction of Nuance Communication’s DragonĀ® Professional Anywhere, officers will be able to swiftly create and share reports using powerful cloud-based speech recognition technology that is powered by artificial intelligence.

Dragon Law Enforcement leaves Dragon Professional Anywhere in its wake. Officers can use Dragon Law Enforcement to quickly and accurately accomplish reporting and documentation procedures in the squad car and at the police station. With Dragon Professional Anywhere, organizations may more quickly and cost-effectively roll out voice recognition technology throughout the whole enterprise.

The advantages of a cloud solution

Officers always use the most recent software version since Dragon Professional Anywhere proactively pushes out upgrades.

This is frequently not the case with local installations, where IT employees must install device-based software upgrades, a step that occasionally gets missed in the hectic setting of law enforcement.

Because they are not purchasing hardware and back-end servers, agencies can lower capital costs by using Dragon Professional Anywhere.

With just one click, Dragon Professional Anywhere may be installed in a matter of minutes. In order to save computer processing power and hard drive space, only a small amount of data is stored into the officer’s mobile data computer for speech processing.

Data in transit and at rest are protected by 256-bit encryption using Dragon Professional Anywhere. Furthermore, this solution is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, which boasts 99.5% uptime and utilises geographically scattered, redundant (active-active), data centres.

How Nuance Dragon is useful for Cops?

The technology acts as a boon for officers on patrolling especially, gone are those days when they used to pen down the incidents on a notepad, Nuance speech to text software lets you dictate the incidents on your way to the reporting station. Once officers start to dictate, they record narratives with immediacy while obtaining detail they might miss if they wrote.

Either typing it down by hand or recalling from memory. This is crucial when giving incident reports to prosecutors or for investigations because officers might not be aware at the time of the incident which specific detail will prove important weeks or months later.

road. Therefore, it’s crucial to be able to record more information while it’s still fresh in their brains.

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