How to Access Mobile Web Apps through Dragon Go?

You have used Dragon NaturallySpeaking to do many things with your computer. But now it’s time to embrace its capabilities to access your mobile web apps too.

If you have used Dragon’s Desktop App, you’d love Dragon Go that enables users to access web websites like Yelp, Spotify, YouTube and thousands more.

The Dragon Go hasreduced the hassle of searching using mobile devices. Whether you’re using any Android phone, iOS 4.0 or newer operating systems likeiPhone 3GS,iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad, Dragon GO works perfectly find to you.

From finding entertainment apps to exploring media, music or shopping venues, Dragon Go can get you some truly amazing options that perfectly slake your searches.

How to Use Dragon Go?

Dragon Go is one-app that gives you access to everything you want on the mobile web using your voice.

You say and Dragon go brings the results. If you want to learn how to use the app, then, follow the below steps –

Step 1 –Install Dragon Go in your Android, iPhone or iPad.

Step 2 – Sync this app like you do with any other application.

Step 3 – Launch Dragon Go on your mobile by tapping on its icon.

Step 4 – While you’ll try to launch this app, Nuance will ask you to give its location permissions, so that, it can fetch valid results to you.

Step 5 – Once you will click on ‘Agree’ for the location permission, you’ll be asked to select your region. Then, click ‘Accept’.

Step 6 – The main screen would appear, here you can tap on the record button, speak your search preference and let the Dragon Go do the rest!

To test whether the app is working fine or not, just say ‘New Cafes Near Me’. And Dragon Go will get you the details of top cafes and show details where the new cafes are launching soon.

The results are fetched based on the reviews listed on various review-based websites and search engines.

So, this is how Dragon Go works for Android, iPhone & iPad users! If you face any problem using this app, you can connect with us for instant support.

Call now on toll-free +1-310-513-5006 and we shall assist you with best support and guidance that you need to work with Dragon Go.