How to Dictate & Prepare A Word Report Using Nuance Dragon Software?

As you can use various ways to lay out your document or page in Dragon by using the Natural Language Commands, if you wish to enable the verbal controlling of the menus and see what’s there, use the Nuance Dragon voice commands and pick up the suitable option from the drop-down menu.

For an instance, you can speak “Page Layout Columns” and then select the number of columns you want to add to the page.

If you want to print any number of pages or the current page or just the selected text, you can use the Print Preview option and use the Natural Language Commands for Word to layout the printing document.

To use Natural Language Commands, all you have to say is “Print,” then select the page number and choose to see the Preview by saying “Print Preview on (page number)” or “Print page (number)”. You can also “Print this page” or “Print the current page,” to get the print of the current page you’re active on.

NaturallySpeaking Voice Commands to Make It Work!

To bring enough margins between the Dragon pages, use the Natural Language Commands and state your marginal commands by saying – “Set Left Right Top Bottom Margin To <distance> <units>”

Let’s assume if you can say, “Set top margin to two points four inches.”, the pages will be shifted by two points and four inches from each other.

So, this is how you can also use various other Natural Language Commands to lay out your printing page in the Nuance Dragon Software.

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