How To Fix An Error Occurred During Microphone Check in Nuance Dragon?

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How To Fix An Error Occurred During Microphone Check in Nuance Dragon?


Nuance Dragon software is crafted with a vision to ease your day-to-day task. Built with a powerful AI speech recognition, the dragon puts your word into action. So, no matter if you are a student, a working professional, or a business owner nuance dragon software is here to help you create high-quality documentation in minimum time.

However, often we have heard from our clients that they have experienced an error while doing a microphone check on your Dragon Nuance software? Are you facing a similar issue? Don’t worry we will provide you with a solution to your problem.

During the microphone check when setting up your user profile, this error may occur if your microphone is unplugged or there is an issue with the driver for your sound card or audio device.

In this article, we will discuss ways by which you can fix this issue and have a hassle experience with Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking software.

Here is a list of important steps which you should perform first before you start recording:

  • Ensure that your microphone wire is in good condition and that it is firmly connected to your computer before you begin recording.
  • Ensure that you can hear music or other sounds from your speakers or headset while using Windows’ sound system. Select Sound in the Windows Control Panel to do this.

If you are still unable to play your microphone, we recommend trying out the below-mentioned options:

Option 1- Try using a different microphone. You may need a new microphone if the sound quality improves, as your previous one may be destroyed.

Option 2- A computer with both front and rear jacks will allow you to attach your microphone to the back.

Option 3- Try reinstalling the sound system software if you are using a sound card.

Option 4- Try using a USB microphone if you don’t already. In addition, USB microphones don’t depend on the audio system of your computer and thus they may circumvent sound card difficulties.

Option 5-Try recording your voice using Windows Sound Recorder instead of Dragon. Your computer or sound card may have a hardware problem if this also fails. You should contact the manufacturer.

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