How to Fix Network Drive Issues with Nuance Dragon Software?

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Relax, if you’re stuck with some critical issues related to the Roaming User Local Directory in Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software. We have a quick and easy solution for all your problems related to the Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition Software.

Based on the queries received from our customers in the past years, we have listed two most common errors associated with the Roaming User Directory in Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking –

#1. The Roaming User Local Directory Can’t Work on a Network Drive.

#2. Unable to Create a Sub-Directory in Roaming User Directory.

Which one are you facing? Or your error is somewhat unique from above-listed ones? Call us on toll-free number +1-​702-430-6099 to get instant solution, or you can check out the solution for the above-listed issues down the blog.

How to Fix the Network Drive or Roaming User Profile Issues with Nuance Dragon?

While trying to open a Dragon Roaming User Profile, the user might receive an error message that says – “The roaming user local directory cannot be on a network drive”.

This means that your system tried to create a local copy of the Dragon Roaming User Profile in a location which might not be accessible to your PC or must be disconnected from the server/network.

In such situation,you will need to install the local user cache on the on a physical storage device that resides on the PC.

How to Fix the ‘Unable to create a sub-directory in the roaming user directory’ Issue?

If you receive the error message stated as “Cannot create sub-directory in the roaming user network directory”, it means that you are not authorized to make changes in Roaming User Network Directory.

In such situation, you might need to copy the roaming user files to directory, you’re permitted to access or you might need to enable the sharing and writing permissions for that user directory, so you can create or copy sub-directory, whenever you want.

However, the process to gain permissions for the directory is different for all versions of Windows. In general, you have to right-click on the folder icon and see the properties to enable the same.

If you can’t find the appropriate option for the same, call us on toll-free number +1-​702-430-6099 and our experts will help you by troubleshooting the steps. Call us now!