How to Get Along with the Features of Nuance Dragon Software?

Is it your first time with Dragon or you’re still confused with Dragon’s features despite using it for months?

Well, you must know that about the Favorites menu feature of the Dragon. This feature works with the browser in your computer.

You can save all important webpages in the Favorites Menu and access it whenever you want to open the page.

This favorite’s menu feature is undoubtedly the easiest yet fastest way to keep a track of websites and access them anytime by using the voice commands.

If you want to learn how you can use the voice commands to go to a website on the Favorites menu, follow the steps as given below –

Step 1 – Open your web browser in the PC.

Step 2 – If the browser is already running, then you can simply say, “Favorites,” and then the name of the favorite item you want to fetch from the menu.

However, it doesn’t matter where the favorite is located on the menu. Even if it is stored in a sub-folder in the menu, you just have to say, “Favorites” and then its name. There’s no need to mention the folders’ names.

Step 3 – Now you can use the Favorites menu on your web browser, the same way you use browser from the Start Menu.

Step 4 – Let’s assume if you have loaded a website or a page on your browser and you wish to bookmark it to your Favorites menu, you can say, ‘Add to Favorites’ and the selected web page will be added to your Favorites menu list.

Step 5 – To make it easy to access, you can also create Favorites with their nick names that you can remember and recognize instantly.

Make sure, you keep the names short, crisp and not too long or not too difficult for your convenience.

Step 6 – Now go to Start Menu of the web browser, choose Favorites and then the menu item that you want to open. You can also use the Move Up/Down commands to highlight the favorite. Like, if your desired menu item is listed at 6th position, you have to say, “Move Down Six” to access it.

Step 7 – If you want to change its name, say, “Right Click, Rename.” A Rename dialog box will appear on the screen. You can dictate the new name.

Step 8 – Now say, “Click OK.”

We hope now you know how to use the Favorites Menu with Dragon software. If you face difficulties is using it, call us on toll-free number +1-310-513-5006