How to Get the Nuance Dragon Dictation Support on Call?

Dragon Dictation is speech recognition software that makes it possible to transform voice to text & put your thoughts down anywhere anytime.

To avail the benefits of Dragon Dictation, one needs to have its on Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android Phone. Many users face difficulties in using this app. The reason behind this might be they don’t know how to use it correctly.

So here, we have come up with a Nuance Dragon Dictation Support & Solution guide to help you know the best features of dictation app and make the best use of it.

How to Use Dragon App on iPhone & Android?

The Dragon Dictation app is outstanding and can be used in day to day life. This app is available absolutely free and costs no charge for iPhone & Android Mobiles.

If you’re facing difficulties in using it, you can always be relaxed with this Nuance Dragon Dictation Support Blog.

To use this app, the right way, all you need to do is to –

Step 1 – Open the Dragon Dictation app.

Step 2 – Set the Region you are in.

Step 3 – Tap at Dictate button and begin to dictate or speak your text.

Step 4 – When you are done dictating, press the Stop button.

Now, you will see a written text of your message which can be edited by using the keyboard.

This app can truly mesmerize you through its features. To unleash its best features, read the tips & tricks for using this app in the right way.

How to Use Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

Before using this app, make sure to do or not to do these things as mentioned below –

  • If you’re surrounded with a noisy environment, don’t try to dictate. The results might be confusing to you.
  • Always make sure to place the microphone closer to your mouth.
  • Your volume pace and tone should be constant every time you dictate.
  • For using punctuation, call their respective names like comma or full stop.

To see what Nuance Dragon upholds as in voice commands, just ask: “What can I say?”

Dragon Dictation’s working principles are quite similar to those of Alexa, Siri, Google or Cortana. Likewise, it recognizes speech and then converts it into words. It is extremely easy to use software that can amaze you with quick and precise results.

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