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How To Solve Profile Error in Nuance Dragon Software?

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While trying to log into your Nuance Dragon Software have you ever faced issues like profile error? Or have you ever faced a profile upgrade issue? If yes then at this blog you may find the answers to all your questions.

What could be the reason behind the profile error?

This error may occur in your Nuance Dragon software if a third-party application is accessing the user profile, while Dragon NaturallySpeaking is in the process to load the same files that contain the user profile.

Another cause could be, if you have made any changes to folder permissions.

Some instances are as follows:

  • When a user does not close the user profile overnight, Dragon can produce a “username.lck” file. During storing and syncing operations, it usually locks the profile.
  • The Language Model Optimizer, also known as the Dragon Acoustic Optimizer, is now in use.
  • One of the profile files is open in Windows Explorer.
  • Firewall, antivirus softwares can block the access to your user profile.
  • The Dragon profile directory is being backed up using data backup software.
  • Your Dragon user profile may be accessed or locked by other programmes or apps.

How To Solve Profile Error in Nuance Dragon Software?

We recommend following the instructions in the sequence shown below. Before moving forward, try your Dragon profile after each problem step.

Step 1: Close any application, including the Windows Explorer file window, on any machine that could be viewing this profile folder.

Step 2: Search the user profile for “username.lck” files (or any other.lck files) and remove them. This file is normally located in the user profile directory’s “Current” folder. This directory may be found here for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2:


Step 3: Locate for any Dragon configuration files or folders with the extension “ini DgnRenamed”. Rename them and delete the “ini DgnRenamed” section if any are detected. Alternatively, remove the “ini Dgn Renamed” file if two versions of the file exist, one with and one without the extension in question.

Hope with the help of above blog, you’ll be able to solve profile error in your Nuance Dragon software. For more information, contact Nuance Dragon technical support team at toll free number +1-310-513-5006. We are available 24*7 at Nuance Dragon Helpdesk.