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How To Transfer Nuance Dragon To Updated Windows

Have you recently updated your windows and wondering how can you transfer your existing Nuance Dragon software to updated ones? If yes, then this is the right platform. With rapidly evolving updates in Microsoft software, its natural users have to keep up with the trend in such process we tend to get in problem with our existing softwares.

This blog will demonstrate how to move Dragon Naturally Speaking to a new window swiftly, without using any third party software.

All of your settings, voice files, and user profiles will be transferred along with Dragon whenever it is moved to your new computer, which also includes your Dragon user profile. Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking may be moved to a new computer by following step by step guide.

Read the steps carefully and follow them, if you face any trouble don’t worry you can always talk to Nuance Dragon Helpdesk

How to transfer Nuance Dragon manually?

Step 1- Launch Dragon Naturally Speaking and select “Profile” > “Manage User Profile” from the DragonBar.

Step 2- Choose the user profile you wish to move to your new computer or your own.

Step 3- Select “Export” under “Advanced” after clicking.

Step 4- Navigate to the USB drive or other storage location where you are transferring your account and profile. Select a new folder and then select OK.

Step 5- Click OK in the dialogue box that appears to confirm the export’s success.

Step 6- Your exported Dragon profile is now prepared to be moved to an other computer. The name of the profile will be written on the folder you exported it to.

Step 7- Open the software after installing Dragon Naturally Speaking on a different computer.

Step 8- Click “Profile” > “Manage User Profiles” on the DragonBar.

Step 9- Select “Import” under “Advanced” by clicking the button.

Step 10- Go to the USB drive or other storage location where you exported your Dragon Profile in section 1.

Step11- Click “OK,” then choose the profile folder.

Congrats! Your Dragon profile is now imported successfully.

For further assistance reach out to Nuance Dragon customer service. Our Nuance Dragon technical support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at +1-310-513-5006 to help you. If you are not comfortable in contacting Nuance Dragon helpline, drop an email at