How to Use Nuance Dragon with Microsoft Apps-Word, Outlook & Excel?

How well Nuance Dragon works for you is based on what type of work you want or need to do with it!

If you’re willing to use your Nuance Dragon Professional Individual with in-built Microsoft Apps in your PC like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Outlook Email, then this blog is the must read for you.

Here, we will discuss how you can use these apps with Dragon and make the most of their capabilities.

Smoothen Up the Typing and Editing Work in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is very well supported by Dragon Professional Individual 15 for PC. There comes a special compatibility plug-in that works quite well with this version of Nuance Dragon.

Through Dragon, you can not only dictate easily in Word, but also edit your text with speech commands in just a few minutes.

Too successfully type and edit the text in Word using Dragon speech recognition, simply select any piece of text by voice and edit it.

Let’s assume that you are working in very large documents like thesis or novel, you can split it in several chapters to get effective results. Dictating such large amount of text might bring some sort of inaccuracies.

Overall, if you work in Word using Dragon, it serves as the most valuable tool.

Dictate Sent or Received Emails in Microsoft Outlook

Likewise, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook also works pretty well with Nuance Dragon Professional Individual 15 for PC

The Full Text Control add-in not only allows you to dictate, but also edit your text easily through the voice commands. Apart from this, there are many more built-in voice commands for Microsoft Outlook.

If you do a lot of work in Microsoft Outlook on a Windows computer, you will be mesmerized with the amazing options that Dragon offers.

Use Microsoft Excel With Ease

Dragon does have separate voice commands for Microsoft Excel. These commands work quite well if you want to create reports, analytical presentation, or do some calculation using Excel.

Even if you want to fill out cells in already existing Microsoft Excel Sheet, you want to create a brand new excel report, you will be glad to have a wide range of options to make your work look outstanding.

Creating custom commands could be the finest way to maximize the potential of Dragon Speech Recognition.

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