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With the regular advancement in technology, professionals have found out a way to get rid of typing because speaking can be enough to see the written words on your screen.  Nuance Dragon software has enabled various people to actually create documents just with voice recognition. If you are also using this software, then you are already using its awesome features. If you want to enhance your vocabulary, then analyzing emails can be a nice option which you can do with the help of Dragon professional assistant. This software can add email ID which you use regularly and it can also learn from Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes,   Yahoo, Gmail, Windows Mail and many more. # vocabulary with Nuance Dragon

How to build vocabulary from sending emails?

If you are interested in creating your own vocabulary with the help of send emails, then you need to make some changes in the settings. Go to the accuracy center after which you can click on vocabulary. After this, you can go to learn from emails option available in the Dragon Bar. You just need to follow the next procedure and within a few minutes, new words would be available on your display so that the Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking vocabulary is improved. # vocabulary with Nuance Dragon

Add Shortcuts in Vocabulary editor

If you want to customize the terms in vocabulary editor, then you just need to enter term at the top of the editor.   If you want to check the vocabulary, then you can easily scroll out the list given in vocabulary editor. You can type any word in the written box and you can check if the word matches to the list. When you will use the word in the spoken box which is not in the vocabulary of Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking software, then you will know about it with the help of pop-up dialog.

You can also assign approximate pronunciations at that time to certain terms.  In case, you think pronunciation is quite difficult, then you can press the Train button and then you can record it just as directed.  Within a few seconds, the term would be added in the list of vocabulary. In case you want to delete any term, you can click on the term and then you can click on delete button. So, it is quite easy to add and delete terms in your vocabulary list. You can add shortcuts anytime while working on this software. It will be very helpful for you when you don’t have extra time to waste on writing the same term again and again. # vocabulary with Nuance Dragon

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