Learn Microphone Placement Tips In Nuance Dragon For An Enhanced Experience

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Have you ever tried dictating something to your Nuance dragon software and it turned out to be a not so pleasant experience? Well, one of many reasons for this inconvenience could be an incorrect placement of your microphone. Yes you read that right, by simply adjusting the microphone you can have a trouble free experience with Nuance dragon software.

In order to improve identification accuracy, make sure your microphone is placed correctly. A few adjustments here and there can impact the accuracy.

Troubleshooting audio and recognition might help if your microphone location has been optimized and you’re still experiencing problems with the audio quality.

Before we begin make sure that you invest in a quality microphone. The quality of your microphone can really turn the tables and act as a medium for a quick communication between dragon and your device. Speak with open mouth so that you can dictate the words leaving from your mouth are easily comprehended.

  1. placing the microphone on a headphone
  • Avoid breathing sounds by placing the microphone element on the side of your mouth.
  • Don’t contact the microphone element, but keep it approximately an inch away from your mouth’s side.
  • Make sure the microphone’s face is towards your mouth. For example, a colorful dot or the phrase “Talk” may be printed on the front.
  • Always wear the headset in the same location.
  • To get the best sound quality, you may have to adjust the input volume of your microphone (gain).
  1. Setting up a handheld microphone
  • Keep the microphone away from your lips when speaking. To minimize breathing sounds, place it below or to the side of your mouth.
  • Keep your mouth at least one to three inches away from the microphone.
  • Place the microphone so that the front of it faces your mouth. Don’t try to reason with someone who isn’t listening.
  • Take cautious not to jerk the microphone or your head unexpectedly.
  • Use just your hands to hold the microphone.
  • Every time you use the microphone, be sure you have it firmly in your hands.
  • To get the best sound quality, you may have to adjust the input volume of your microphone (gain)

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