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Make Documentation Process Easy For Lawyers With Nuance Dragon Speech To Text Software

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Nuance Dragon speech to text software is no less than a boon for lawyers. This blog, will focus on benefits of Dragon Legal Anywhere for lawyers and how it enhances their work productivity?

So, if you are thinking whether you should choose DLA (Dragon Legal Anywhere) this blog is for you.

With Dragon Legal Anywhere, you can expedite legal paperwork processes, increase accuracy, and provide secure client service. To keep on top of client expectations, practising attorneys and businesses should consider investing in Dragon Legal Anywhere.

  • Create client contracts, briefs, and legal citations three times faster than typing to improve legal paperwork.
  • By immediately recording client encounters, recording disclosures, and outlining action plans, compliance can be improved.
  • By enhancing document workflows and focused on client service rather than paperwork, you may provide superior customer service.
  • By decreasing or eliminating administrative employees or relying on outside transcription services, you can save time and money.

What are the key benefits of Dragon Legal Anywhere?

  • Any size law practise can use it because of its design. Dragon Legal is available to both solo practitioners and attorneys working for Fortune 500 legal firms.
  • Its accuracy rate ranges from 98 to 99 percent. This indicates that there is not much of a learning curve. Simply remove Dragon Legal from the packaging, set it up, and start dictating.
  • It has been preprogrammed with the lingo used by people in the legal profession. Speech recognition software not created particularly for use with Dragon Legal may not be able to distinguish certain phrases and words.
  • It has many different applications. You can do much more with dictation than just adding your thoughts to a word document, such as composing emails, making spreadsheets, editing previous work, and more. Because of this, Dragon Legal is a reliable option for your law practise.
  • It provides the quickest performance attainable. Your computer will immediately start transcribing what you say. Your productivity levels will be unmatched with this kind of fast dictation.
  • Setting it up is easy. You won’t need to be a tech expert to successfully install Dragon Legal. Of course, feel free to contact dictationstore if you have any questions regarding your purchase, and we will be pleased to assist you.

If you’re still wondering on how to proceed with the installation or have doubts feel free to call Nuance Dragon helpline through toll free number +1-310-513-5006. You can also drop a mail at