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Manage Format In Dragon Medical Software One

How to Utilize Manage Format Feature in Nuance Dragon Medical One Software?

Dragon Medical One is hands down one of the best inventions to manage the health ecosystem via harnessing the power of AI. Nuance Dragon Medical One software comes with various feature, in this blog we help you understand the ‘manage format’ feature in software.

Users might put up unique settings for their own unique workflow by customising their personal settings within Dragon Medical Practice Edition. The use of contractions, the spelling out of numbers, and date formatting are all examples. This is now possible within Dragon Medical One as well.

Simply say “Manage Formatting” when your microphone is turned on. If you’re already in the assistance menu, you can get there with a few mouse clicks through the menu itself.

Once the help window is open, click the hamburger menu on the upper left of the screen to reveal a hidden menu. Then, at the bottom of the list, click “Manage Formatting.”

After you’ve expanded that menu, you’ll see the following categories:

  1. Dates

Dates are written as you speak them or converted to common forms by the system.


As it was said

Make a word out of the month.

Write the month as a series of digits.

The date format is YYYY-MM-DD.

  1. Times

Define how the system keeps track of time. For example, it separates the hours and minutes with a character.

“o’clock” should be written.

  1. Numbers

Define the system’s number-writing style.

Using digits, write the following numbers.

Write a lot of numbers.

Write the ordinal numbers below as digits.

  1. Measurements

Define how the system records data.

Volumes and areas

Prefix with a micro

Units of time

Units in the United States and the United Kingdom that are not metric

Other divisions

  1. Vertebrae

Define the method by which the system generates vertebra expressions. In lists of vertebrae or spinal nerves, we recommend using the comma to avoid ambiguity.

  1. Words and sentences

Define the system’s number-writing style.

New lines should begin with a capital letter.

After a colon, write the word.

After punctuation marks, the number of spaces is

Contractions should be expanded.

Punctuation via machine

If you face any issues with Dragon Medical software One, you can always reach to Nuance Dragon Helpdesk through toll-free Nuance Dragon Technical Support Number +1-310-513-5006. Or you can write to us at