Medical Speech Solutions with Nuance Dragon– Know How It Works

As time moves on, most people realize the need of physicians to ensure well beyond patient care. During the Covid19 pandemic, documentation, certainly a must. It often consumes way too much of a medical practitioner’s day. It also impacts the primary role of looking after patients.

So, how to deal with such problem?

Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition Software

Dragon Medical Speech Recognition is the most powerful and widely used speech recognition solution in medicine today. It allows physicians or medical professionals to navigate and dictate into the most Windows applications and remote EMR systems using voice.

They can also dictate the patients’ progress in their own words, adding the considerable value for their patients.

In many cases where repetitious tasks are done within an EMR, they can be completed with custom voice commands.

Let’s go through 3 quick benefits of using Nuance Dragon for Medical Industry.

  1. Dictate into EMRs using Dragon

Complete the patient consultations and follow-ups quickly by dictating directly into your EMR.

  1. Recorder Dictation

When not in front of computer or to avoid any interaction with any device during Corona pandemic, dictate into a digital voice recorder like Nuance Dragon.

  1. Enhance Patient Care

Create a fully drafted valuable patient narrative in your own words to increase the patient care.

Digital Voice Dictation

Medical practices that rely upon the tape-based dictation processes may experience problems like –

  • Garbled dictation
  • Broken tapes
  • Inefficient transcription processes.
  • And more.

Using Nuance Dragon, medical professionals can streamline the dictation and transcription to increases productivity and make vital patient information available in a timely manner.

Dictations created this software can be either downloaded onto a local network or sent via email or FTP. Whether you are at the home working remotely or in the office or outside of the office, the digital voice recorder is available anytime, anywhere, and on any device, you need it.

Although, many doctors spend short periods of time in geographically remote locations. A combined speech recognition and digital voice dictation solution Dragon NaturallySpeaking enables immediate transcription.

This enables the clinic support team to direct the consult letters accordingly.

If you’re planning to get started with Dragon Medical Professional to streamline your routine processes, connect with us. We’ll guide you through the pros of using the voice dictation and transcription software. Call us on toll-free number +1-310-513-5006 to get instant help.