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Nuance Dragon Errors & Solutions

Dragon Support and dragon error : No one wants to face errors when they are working on any special project with the help of voice recognition software. To make your writing works simple and easier, the voice recognition software is truly is like a blessing. You can get great and faultless workflow while working with such types of software. Are you a regular user of Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking? If you are then you might face some errors caused by some normal and advanced issues. Here, you need to find some solutions so that you can work. The following paragraphs of this article could be helpful for you in this same case.

When the dragon shows an error message

When dragon suddenly shows you an error message then you might be facing some nuance dragon errors. In this same situation, you would need to follow the given steps carefully:

  • Read the message cautiously
  • Duplicate the error message
  • Save your file
  • Don’t save your user outline
  • Leave Dragon and then begin it again
  • Patch up your Dragon setting up
  • Correct the Speed and Accuracy setting now

Most of the times, you would be able to get rid of your issues while working with the Dragon Voice Recognition software. If you still face this mentioned error message again and again then you may need to take some help from the team of makers. #dragon support

When performance is low of Dragon

If the performance of Dragon is low or you are not able to work with great flaw then you may need to follow the following steps to get rid of this error:

  • Separate your document into minor papers
  • Keep, lock, and then regenerate your document
  • Run the test out Microphone option
  • Correct your laptop battery protection settings
  • Erase transcription you no longer require

These entire upper listed steps and tips would be perfect for the users to fix the mentioned error. In case, you face this error again then, you may need to get in touch with the developer’s team right now.

Editing commands

In some cases, due to the editing commands, you can face a few errors while working with the Dragon Voice Recognition software. Here you can follow some basic steps to repair this error as soon as possible:

  • Start the software
  • Uninstall it
  • Install it again or reinstall
  • Complete the installation procedures

You may not see this mentioned error if the error was normal so take time and get rid of it. # dragon support

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