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Nuance Dragon Medical One a Savior For Health Professionals

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In this blog, we will discuss how Nuance Dragon Medical One manages to keep everything organized for medical professionals.

Do you know currently, in whole world doctors are experiencing burnout due to work pressure, the ratio to each doctor per patients varies drastically and in such conditions Nuance Dragon speech to text software for medical professionals acts as a savior.

It also continuously becomes better over time. Through the use of custom vocabularies, auto-texts with default values and pre-filled forms, voice editing, voice navigation commands, and step-by-step instructions, users may customize their documentation environment and increase productivity.

  1. A single-voice, cloud-based profile
    It guarantees consumers an effortless, uniform, and customized experience across applications and on an infinite number of devices. There is almost no profile corruption when there is no mandatory logoff wait time. It helps the user to create a unique user experience by providing ample of templates, medical terminologies, auto-text feature and so much more.
  2. Built with powerful mic for Mobile

It is built with a powerful mic which is compatible with Dragon Medical One, transforms cellular phones into handy wireless microphones and does away with the hassles of sound-cards, USB ports, and audio drivers. Additionally, users roam between workstations and rooms, documenting patient care almost everywhere.

  1. Regular updates
    make sure users always have the best voice recognition engine, the most complete product, and there is never any physician downtime. Nuance is able to respond quickly to customer feedback with regularly released upgrades that offer new features and capability.
  2. Facilities virtually experience worry-free IT
    when the conversion of speech to text happens off-site. Lessening the demands on infrastructure and hardware through lower CPU, RAM, and hard disc space requirements, as well as through simple installation and maintenance, results in less work for IT staff and less hassle for physicians.
  3. Reliability and security
    offered by Microsoft Azure cloud computing services are active-active, redundant, geographically separated data centres with a 99.95% uptime guarantee and HITRUST CSF certification. Speech data is safely transmitted into the EHR through 256-bit encryption channels with TLS protocols.
  4. Usage stats and trends for each user and the entire site
    Larger physician groups can track clinician productivity, efficiency, and processes to enhance performance and keep track of clinician adoption.

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