Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Troubleshooting

These days, no one wants to waste their valuable time and money especially when they can use technology-based devices and methods. For writing something, you have got the option of using some specialized software and programs by using which you can write texts with your voice. Such types of voice recognition software are gaining a huge response all across the world due to their exceptional and convenient features. Nuance Dragon Naturally speaking software is also among those kinds of software. In some situations, it is also possible for you to face some issues while working with it.

Possible issues

Now, it is a good time for you to check out the possible issues that you can have while working or using the Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking software. Here are some of the common issues along with their possible solutions:

No Audio Signals

When Dragon software is unable to hear what you are speaking then no audio signal can become a possible failure behind that happening.

  • Check the mode of your microphone- Make sure that you have turned on your microphone and it is showing blue light
  • Next, the users have to ensure that their microphones are connected well with their computer systems
  • Microphone settings- check out the settings of your microphone, if some settings are not exact then adjust them as soon as you can
  • Ensure that the using microphone is suitable for voice recognition and typing texts
  • Restart all of the programs

By following all these steps successfully, anyone can get rid of the mentioned problem within some really quick time.

Poor-quality of audio

Quality of your audio input can be a serious problem because of which you are not able to work with the Nuance Dragon software.

  • Check out the placement of your microphone
  • Check out the microphone setup
  • Try to diminish the background noise
  • Pay attention to your vice properly
  • Restart the systems again

Poor recognition of what you’re saying

This is yet another possible issue that you can face while working this awesome software. Here, you need to follow the next steps:

  • Check out your profile and make sure its setup is good enough
  • Have some voice speaking training
  • The vocabulary of the users should be strong

By following these three steps carefully, it will surely become easy for you to troubleshoot some issues of Nuance Dragon software.

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