Problems Encountered with Dragon Professional

Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking User encounter lots of problems while using dragon professional, here are the list of the problem which user faces while using Dragon NaturallySpeaking software,

  • Dictating but nothing comes on screen.
  • Dictating but getting incorrect results.
  • Speaking Command That Get Type as a Text.
  • Failing To Control Text With Full-Text Control.
  • Discovering That Dragon Professional Individuals Inserts Extra Little Words.
  • Dealing With Slow Dictation.
  • Uncovering Menu Commands That Don’t Work
  • Tracking Down Natural Language Commands That Don’t Work.
  • Asserting That Undo Doest Undo.
  • Realizing That Start Doesn’t Start.
If you are facing issue with nuance dragon NaturallySpeaking software, kindly Call 
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Support Team at +1 310-513-5006, Our support team will Help Your

Now here are the step to fix all these above issues which customers face while using nuance dragon

When the user dictates words, but words don’t appear on the screen. Say a few words into the microphone and see what happens. if it says, Please say that again? Okay, follow the below steps to fix this error:

  • The first Step is the microphone. please check Is the microphone connected to the right microphone jack? Try using the microphone for other applications, like the Windows Sound Recorder, etc. If your microphone is working in other applications, then it isn’t the cause.

  • The second step is the sound card. A corrupted sound card makes for bad recognition,. The sound card would have to be broken rather than just be poor quality in order to cause Dragon Professional Individual to stop dead in its tracks.

Third Step: Windows. Double click the speaker icon which is on the bottom left corner of the taskbar and look at the Microphone Balance. Is the Mute check box selected? Deselect it, if so.

Another chance is that Windows (for its own unfathomable reasons) has modified your device settings — redefined your microphone to be a printer or something equally useful. Running a microphone check can either fix the matter or offer you a lot of specific complaints to require to Dragon Technical Support.

Fourth stop: microphone icon. Is Dragon professional Individual asleep? Check the microphone icon on the Windows taskbar or on the Dragon skilled Individual toolbar. If it’s blue, it’s asleep.

If you’re dictating directly into the Dragon skilled Individual document window, the preceding are all the plain sources to envision. however, if you’re dictating into a distinct application, there are alternative places to look for issues.

Fifth Step: the application. perhaps you don’t realize that window is active, and text is truly pillaring up somewhere that you simply aren’t wanting. Click within the window you would like to dictate into to create a positive that it’s active. If you employ the keyboard to sort one thing, will it seem wherever you expect it? If not, the matter has nothing to try and do with Dragon skilled Individuals.

Sixth Step: the Dragon Bar. examine the DragonBar and see whether or not the circle indicator is inexperienced in color. If it isn’t inexperienced, meaning you’ve lost support for the application you’re in otherwise you ne’er had it.

Also, if you’re using a non-standard Microsoft application, it would be a good plan to use the Dictation Box. If this happens within Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Word, ensure you shut them down alongside Dragon professional Individual and then restart them. This sometimes fixes it. Also, ensure that WinWord.exe or Outlook.exe is not running within the Processes tab of the Task Manager.


If you are still facing issues with nuance dragon NaturallySpeaking software, kindly Call the dragon NaturallySpeaking Support Team at +1 310-513-5006, Our support team will Help Your

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