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How to prevent speech file corruption in Nuance Dragon?

In this blog we are going to discuss how user can prevent his speech file from being corrupted if “Signal Error” pops on their computer screen while using Nuance Dragon software.

When trying to dictate on your dragon, question marks or error message might appear on your screen. There can be ample of reasons behind this.

  1. It’s possible that the user speech files have been corrupted.
  2. Strong Anti-Virus Detection, low memory, or power instability can be the contributing factors
  3. If your system does not have enough memory or hard drive capacity, it may act abnormally.

Low memory, low hard drive space, or the fact that Windows perceives these resources are low can all cause your system to behave abnormally or indicate inadequate memory.

Insufficient memory can be either permanent or temporary. It might happen only while a certain product is running, updates are being installed while Dragon is operating, or the problem could appear to happen at random.

Steps to prevent your speech file from corruption:

Step 1: Create a new user profile

Step 2: Check the available RAM and disc space

Step 3: Remove any unwanted files

Step 4: Identify the programmes that consume the greatest resources:

To see if an application is consuming too much resources, do the following:

  • After you’ve saved your data, shutdown all open programmes.
  • To open the Close Programs dialogue box, use CTRL + ALT + DELETE.
  • Select End Task once you’ve highlighted each application one by one. Please keep in mind that Explorer and Systray must be running.
  • Examine the proportion of resources that are now free once you’ve closed each programme. “My Computer > Properties > Performance” is where you’ll see this graph.
  • Experiment with duplicating the memory error. If the problem only occurs when particular applications are loaded, you’ll need to figure out why these apps need so much resources. The problem is sometimes resolved by restarting the system.

Step 5: Clean up your Hard disk

Step 6: Exclude certain files from Virus Scanners:

Some anti-virus systems allow you to prevent certain files from being scanned. The following files must be excluded:

  • All files in the C:WindowsDragon folder – (C:\WinNT\Dragon on NT\2000 machines).
  • All of the files in the C:Program Files directory NaturallySpeakingProgram Folder (Dragon Systems-Version 5)(Dragon-Version 6)
  • All of the files in the C:Program Files directory Version 5 (Dragon Systems) (Dragon-Version 6) Folder and subfolders for NaturallySpeakingUsers.
  • C:Program FilesScanSoftNaturallySpeakingProgram Folder contains all files.
  • All files and subfolders in C:Program filesScanSoftNaturallySpeakingUsers.

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