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Reasons To Choose Nuance Dragon Speech to Text Software

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Nuance Dragon Speech to Text software is reckoned for its exceptional services to it’s customers as well as it’s accuracy during speech delivery. It provides upto 99% accurate text.

In this article, we will emphasize on why you should use Nuance Dragon should be your go to software? What benefits does it provide?

  1. It makes your life easier

Literally it is a boon for people who are occupied with writing or translating work. Professionals like teachers/professors, doctors, nurses, journalists, lawyers can benefit a big time from the transcribing features of the software.

Even students can conveniently use this software to make most of their time.

  1. Helps Visually Impaired People

Dragon offers special features for disabled users, which includes automatic playback on correction. Persons with mobility disabilities – those who can’t operate a mouse or press keys – can use Dragon to access most computer services, including communication and web page navigation.

When compared to screen reading and magnification tools, Dragon can help those who are blind or visually handicapped browse their PC and perform instructions faster. Word prediction and text-to-speech capabilities assist kids with learning difficulties expand vocabulary, decrease spelling errors, and improve literacy.

  1. It’s accessible from anywhere

It let’s you translate your thoughts into words even if you are busy doing some other chores. Speak your notes, memos, and other documents. Record voice memos to later transcribe. Convert podcasts or a single speaker’s voice into printed text. Dragon functions in the same manner that you do.

  1. Three times faster than other software

The quickest and most precise method of interacting with your computer. It gives the user a premium experience by providing high accuracy and it only gets better after consistent use. It translates 3 times faster than other speech to text software.

  1. Control your device with power of voice

You may use your voice to command and control your computer. Voice commands may be used to start applications, pick menu items, execute key operations, switch windows, search the web, write and send emails, and more. It allows you to work hands-free if preferred and provides better ergonomic comfort when using your computer.

For further information contact Nuance Dragon Helpdesk at toll free number +1 310 513 5006. Our team of experts is available to help you anytime, dial from the comfort of your home and get the solution in a short span of time.