Roadmap to Common Problems And Troubleshooting Faced by Nuance Dragon software

Disclaimer: This is the second part of the blogs entailing details on common problems faced by Nuance Dragon Software users and how can we resolve it?

kindly refer to the first part of our blog entailing for a better output. Do you know, Nuance Dragon speech recognition software is proven to be 5 times more efficient than humans?

Let’s decode a few other problems that might hamper in delivering the accurate speed & results by your Nuance dragon software.

  1. Facing Recognition errors?

Recognition mistakes or accuracy issues occur when your Dragon Professional Individual does not dictate correctly. Try to say each word completely and whole sentences.

Here’s a tip: Try to not take a pause, don’t break the flow when you are uttering words or sentence out of your mouth, don’t just blabber the words be clear.

It’s critical to keep your microphone close to your mouth; it should be around a half-inch away. Also, run a microphone test beforehand.

  1. Choose the audio and check Microphone

Select Audio -> Microphone Check.

Select Tools -> Options from the menu bar.

Select the Miscellaneous tab from the Options dialogue box.

More to the right on the Speed vs. Accuracy slider. After that, press the OK button.

If Dragon consistently misspells particular terms, you must utilise the Correction dialogue box to alert Dragon Individual to the problem. (After Dragon Professional Individual mistakes, say, “Correct That.”) Dragon Individual will never learn if you simply choose the incorrect text and speak over it.

  1. Wondering why your commands are getting typed as texts?

When you utter a command and the Dragon Naturally Speaking programme delivers the command as text, it may be incredibly annoying. When you say “Italicize That,” for example, the entire line vanishes and is replaced with the words italicise that. You must perform a swift “Undo That” to recover what you have lost.

There are a few reasons why commands are written as text while using the Dragon Naturally Speaking programme. You can learn about a handful of them by clicking here.

We hope, with the help of above-mentioned issues you’ll be now able to fix the common issues. If you wish to know more about features provided by Nuance Dragon, call Nuance Dragon helpdesk and connect with their technical support team on toll-free +1-310-513-5006. You can pen down email to us on