Roadmap To Common Problems And Troubleshooting Faced-Part 1

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Dictating on your software has never been this easier, thanks to Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Software which offers its customers up to 99% accuracy and exact delivery of words as they leave your mouth.

However, just like some other manmade software Dragon too faces some minor issues which you could face on any day basis.

In this article, we are going to discuss common problems or troubleshooting faced by Nuance Dragon users and how can you resolve them? You can always reach out to Nuance Dragon helpdesk at  +1-310-513-5006 for direct solution.

Follow both the parts of the blog to know in detail.

  1. Words leave your mouth but dictation doesn’t seem to work?

Say you are trying to dictate something, you are just speaking and commanding random texts on the microphone and the words doesn’t pop on your computer screen? Instead, you get the message on screen “Please say that again”?

Well, if this is the situation that you are facing, you need to do the following mentioned below-

  • Make sure your microphone is in working order.

Check to see sure your microphone is plugged into the correct slot on your computer. You might also try recording using the microphone in Windows Sound Recorder. Check for other causes if it allows you to capture a sound through the microphone.

  • Faulty sound card.

Bad recognition may result from a defective computer sound card, yet even poor recognition is better than nothing. To for Dragon Professional Individual to halt dead in its tracks, the sound card would have to be damaged rather than merely be of poor quality.

  • On/Off the Mute Button

Check to see if the mute button is on or off. You may check the Microphone Balance by double-clicking the speaker icon on the taskbar. Deselect the Mute check box if it is selected. You may also do a microphone check to resolve the issue.

  1. Is your dragon software asleep? Check the microphone icon

Check to see whether Dragon Professional Individual is still awake. The microphone icon on the Windows taskbar or the Dragon Professional Individual toolbar will be blue if it is sleeping.

If you’re dictating straight into the Dragon Professional Individual document window, the sources listed above are all obvious places to look.

  1. Application not working? Check the dragon bar

Figure out what colour the Dragon Bar is. Check to see if the circle indication is green. If the colour isn’t green, it signifies you’ve lost your support.

Use the Dictation Box if you’re using a non-Microsoft programme. If this occurs in Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Word, please sure to close them down before restarting them using Dragon Professional Individual. This generally solves the problem.

To know more about the common problems & troubleshooting faced in Nuance Dragon software, read the next part. If you have any queries call us on toll-free number +1-310-513-5006 now.