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Few things are additional frustrating than to pick out the most necessary line in your document and say, “Italicize That“ only to observe the complete line disappear and get replaced with the words italicize that. (A fast “Undo That“ or 2 usually gets back what you lost).

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This kind of drawback will happen for a number of reasons. Here are some things to check or try:

Is the command need to work in the current version of Nuance Dragon application?

Get your pauses right. On multi-word commands like “Italicize That” or “Format That Arial daring sixteen purposes,” pause in short before and when the command, however not in the slightest degree within the middle.

Is Dragon professional Individual hearing you correctly? Watch the status box, or concentrate on what Dragon professional Individual varieties rather than doing what you wish. If it hears “Italy Sized Hat,” then it isn’t aiming to italicize anything. If this keeps happening, you must do Word coaching on the actual commands that Dragon professional Individual misinterprets.

Hold down the key. Holding down the key whereas you dictate is a way to say, “Hey, assistant, this is often a command I’m saying!” If this doesn’t work, it’s time to undertake to accomplish your purpose another way. for instance, you would possibly try saying, “Press control I” rather than “Italicize That.”

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