Steps to Open & Save Documents with Dragon Software

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The way you save files in other software, the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software also does the same with the menu choice or the toolbar button. As in other applications, you can use a voice command to make the menu choice, by saying ‘Click File’, ‘Save’ or just saying ‘Press Control S’.

The voice commands like “New”, “Save”, “Save As”, and “Open” in Dragon NaturallySpeaking File Menu works the same way as they do in nearly every other Windows application. Like –

  • If you want to start a new, blank document, you will have to choose File and then New.
  • If you want to open an existing document, you can choose File and then Open.
  • If you want to save the document as a file, choose File and then Save.
  • If you want to save a new copy of the current document with a new name to a new location, choose File and then Save As.

The Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software enables you to save your work in one of the following types of file.

Plain Text (.TXT) Files

Such type of text files does not get saved in their original formatting. Once they are saved, you can only find the text plus line or paragraph breaks and tabs in them.

Rich Text Format (.RTF) Files

Such kind of files is filled with all the formatting that you can do with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software.

Nearly all major word processors can open such files.

When you choose the File type and try to save this the first time, a dialog box will appear on the screen within Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software. This dialog box will come up with the warning that saving a text file might lose formatting.

If you choose Rich Text Format and try to import your document into the word processor or some other application, it will enable the character formatting as well as the paragraph formatting.

On the other hand, the Text format will not support any formatting and can be chosen only for those applications which do not require any formatting.

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