Tips to Use Nuance Dragon Software Effectively

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Are you facing problems in installing the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software properly? Are you getting any errors while trying to install this software?No worries! Nuance Dragon Help Desk is always there to help with high end solution to understanding the problems and resolving them for a hassle-free installation process.

Here, through this blog, you can follow the step by step procedure of downloading and installation of the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software as given below –

Nuance Dragon HelpDesk – How to Install NaturallySpeaking Software?

For a smooth installation of Nuance Dragon Software, you need to follow the below steps –

Before you start the installation process, it is important to verify that your system or device meets the expected requirements or not.

What are the essential things to meet the expected requirements?

Well, you can find the list in the guidelines of Nuance Dragon that comes up with the copy of your software.

In case, your device or system doesn’t meet the requirements, installation process cannot be completed. But it does meet, please follow the below steps –

  • Close all background apps
  • Turn off antivirus or VPN software
  • Insert DVD to start installation. You may also select the type of installation to install software with customized feature or install is as a fully functioned software.
  • Now follow the installation guidelines that would be prompted through the process.

Once the installation is finished, now is the time of set up the Nuance Dragon software to make it work effectively.

To set up the Dragon software, it’s important to use a microphone for proper voice dictation results. Follow the below steps for hassle-free setup –

Configure the wizards’ settings & create the user profile.

Perform the ‘Volume Check’ and ‘Audio Quality Check’.

Now click on the desired options prompted during the process and read sample text using microphone.

Once you’re done with reading, you will hear beep sound which means the dictation is completed.

To use Dragon smartly, you may also follow many voice commands that are listed in our guide of ‘Top Voice Commands to Use Dragon Effectively’.

If you face any difficulties in installation and set up process of Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software, feel free to reach our Nuance Dragon Help Desk through toll-free number 702 430 6099.

Our customer support executive would listen to your issue and provide a relevant solution and guide to your problem accordingly.