Troubleshoot InvalidAcoustic Error after upgrading Nuance Dragon 14 to 15

If you are Upgrading your Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software version 14 to version 15 may give you an error InvalidAcoustic error when you will try to open the upgraded profile. This is all because of the old profile had dictation source, like Dragon Remote Microphone, this dictation source is not supported in version 15. As a result, unsupported acoustic input gets skipped during the profile upgrade. If the version 14 was used unsupported input method, the configuration files in version 15 will contain the reference to that missing acoustic.

How To fix the Invalid Acoustic Error

Goto the location of the upgraded profile, Make a right click on the Current folder and then click on the open tab and check acoustic.ini file. Search the file for the acoustic codes that can be used. Then check an options.ini file in the same folder, open it and look for “Last Used Acoustics” keyword. It Should be set to any value found in the acoustic.ini file. Edit, save and launch Dragon.
And Your issue is Fixed.

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