What is Nuance Dragon Home V15 & Why is It the Best Choice for You?

If you’re reading this blog, you must already have a little bit idea of Nuance Dragon. Well, this speech recognition software comes up in different versions which offer unique features and pricing.

Here, in this blog, we will discuss about the Dragon Home Version 15 in detail. So, if you’re looking forward to knowing more about the Nuance Dragon speech recognition software version 15, you’re at the right place.

From dictating documents to sending emails, searching web and controlling all applications in your PC or mobile, this wonderful speech recognition software can deliver 99% accuracy in 5x better speed.

Designed and Developed with Nuance Deep Learning Technology, the Software can work seamlessly even in noisy environments and adapt to different accents to deliver error-free dictation.

You all have to do is to just speak in Dragon microphone and your words would start appearing on the screen faster than typing. Moreover, the Dragon V15 enables people to work hands-free to get their tasks done in minutes.

Capabilities of Nuance Dragon Home Version 15

1. Dragon is way smarter in converting your spoken words into text and simplifying your work hassles in just a few minutes.
Above all, the software is quite easy to operate, faster and accurate than any other speech recognition software across the world.
You can create documents, to-do-lists, emails, and control applications, explore the web and do much more using this outstanding software.

2. Have you ever imagined working on the computer can be as easy as talking? Well, through Nuance Dragon Home V15 Software, it’s possible. You can finally give rest to your hands and let the computer itself work by following your voice instructions.

3. The built-in text editor in Nuance Dragon Home v15 enables you to work efficiently with all other popular Windows Applications. While you can easily dictate documents with Full-Text Control in Microsoft Word and send email in Microsoft Outlook, the Dragon lets’ you also search the Web using any browser like – Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

There’s more that Dragon Home version 15 can do for you. We’d be glad if you could call us and have a one on one conversation to know about the Dragon Home Version 15 in detail. Let’s call us now on toll-free +1-310-513-5006